Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tournament! Tournament! Tournament! Tournament! Tournament!

$100,000 Will Go!    $100,000 Will Go!    $100,000 Will Go!

Hurry in to BJ’s and WIN your ticket entry to the $100,000 Tournament on July 23rd at 2:00!

All you have to do is buy a Tournament Pack for $5 and win on it, on any game by yourself and you are a winner! (You must have a regular pack purchased to qualify for purchase of Tournament Pack).

Less than a week to win your entry in so make BJ’s your destination place this week!

15 Games pay $5000 each and the last game pays $25,000 This is BIG MONEY!

Hurry in and win your ticket, which will give you one pack for the Tournament!

Can you say MONEY OPPORTUNITY!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Let's Celebrate With A Boom!

The Fourth of July, Independence Day, a day in which we celebrate our unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness……

Here at BJ’s Bingo we will celebrate the Fourth with a huge BOOM Bingo Session, $40,000 will go! Monday July 4th sales windows will open at 8 AM and the BOOM Session will begin at 11 AM!

Playing for Big Money, with a chance to win the Finale Blackout of $10,000 could become your most exciting Fourth ever! 

Admission packs start at just $40 which includes complimentary BBQ Lunch and a Free Dauber, plus by playing on July 4th you will be eligible to receive 1-$12 discount on Tuesday, July 5th any session!!

Hurry and make your Reservation on June 26th starting at 9 AM for only $20, which will then apply to your Pack Buy In!

We have thought of everything for your playing pleasure, you can reserve your favorite seat, buy in for as low as $40, have a great BBQ, a free dauber, a special buy in discount the following day, a chance to WIN REALLY BIG MONEY, and be done in time for an early evening to spend with family and friends, watching your favorite fireworks display, and perhaps sharing your great Bingo Story of how much you won on the Fourth of July!

Come join us and become one of our happy winners on the BOOM Session!


  • Reservations must be done in person
  • Call for availability: 253-922-0430

Monday, March 7, 2016

BJ's Bingo Bonanza is an exciting WIN for James

All of the AM Session’s players came to Bingo that morning and bought their usual amount of Bonanza cards for the Bonanza game. Little did they know that something special was going to happen that morning.

The caller pulled the first 45 numbers for everyone to premark their cards, then when it is time for the game to play we continue on for a black out. At first it seemed as though everything was going on as usual, but then, drum roll………. it happened!

One lucky customer, James, had bought the winning card for Bonanza in the first 45 numbers called winning $15,071 before the session even started !!!!  What an exciting win, one everyone would like to be able to brag about, a win like that is like a hole in one during a golf tournament!
BJ’s, ever thoughtful to all players, played the Bonanza any way for an additional consolation of $500 so that everyone would have a chance to play the game.  

Monday, August 10, 2015

Annual Kid's Day Bingo

The Annual Kid’s Day Bingo Event is this Saturday August 15th from Noon to 2 Pm!   Please remember to bring your FREE entry tickets with your Child or Grandchild.  Doors will open at 11 AM. 

The Younger kids’, ages 8,9 and 10, will play upstairs.  Kids will play ‘Carnival style’ games for prizes from noon to 1 pm and bingo for $100 Gift Certificates from 1 Pm to 2 Pm.  In addition, we will have lots of drawing prizes that the kids will LOVE!

The Older kids’, ages 11-17 will play downstairs.  Kid’s will play ‘Minute-To-Win It’ style’ games for prizes from noon to 1 Pm and play bingo for $100 Gift Certificates from 1 Pm to 2 Pm.  We have lots of age appropriate drawing prizes that the kids will Love throughout the event!

Tips:  Teach your children about bingo, including the numbers in each row.

Thank You for participating in the Annual Kids Day Bingo Event.  This is our chance to spoil the kids and grandkids of our staff and patrons.

Have a Great Day,

Jenynne DeNoble


PS – We still have 100 tickets remaining for 8-10 year old Kids

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mom’s are Important! Pick A or B and Get Your Bingo reservation today!

A)  You take your mother to one of those boring Mother’s Day brunches.  A portable chocolate fountain is surrounded by strawberries touched by every kid in the place.  Your mother makes a sour face as she eats a dried-up baked potato!  She finishes her brunch; smiles sweetly, as says, “I think I’d like to go home now”.

B)  You take your mother to BJ’s Bingo.  They hand her a glass of Sparkling Cider the minute she walks in. You buy a mother’s day brunch for two and spend some quality time with your mother before the Am bingo session starts.  She finds her seat and talks with her friends, both old and new.  Your mother WINs a $500 bingo game, and was on for the fireball one time and the bonus ball another time.   Later the manager gives her Two FREE mother’s day daubers and wishes her ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.  Then she dashes off to play slots; finds a hot machines and WINs even more.

I’m going to take a wild guess that you picked B.    (Of course, it’s okay to come without your mother).


PS – All Ladies who play the AM bingo session on Mother’s day will receive 10 - $10 bingo discounts… OR receive the brunch FREE.  (Receive ten $10 discounts on the PM and Ml sessions also.  Play all 3 sessions and receive a $30 discount on any 10 sessions remaining in May).

Friday, March 20, 2015

You Don't Eat This BluBeri!

Our Brand New Bluberi Slot Machines are and exiting new Gambling Opportunity!

 Great graphics, fast play, and Progressive Jackpot levels for each denomination ranging from 90 cents up to $3.00 per bet. The higher the bet, the bigger the Jackpot!

There are two locations to play the new Bluberi Slots, in the lower level smoking section, and also in the new non-smoking room.

A variety of games to play; each title has it’s own Progressive Jackpot.

Bluberi Slots include Honey Busziness, Cash & Cheese, Tiki Fire Dancers, Triple Black Texas, and Burglin’ Bob.

Come to BJ’s for your gambling entertainment and play our new innovative Bluberi Slots.

With our great customer service, fantastic jackpots, a safe environment, and a variety of Slots to include; Bluberi, Cadillac Jack, Multimedia, and Rocket you can’t find a better place to gamble!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

We are making Bingo History at BJ’s!

Get in on the fun and play for our astounding Lucky 7 Jackpot currently at an $214,445! This is the biggest Jackpot we have offered in 15 years!

If you would like to win a life altering $214,445 Jackpot come to BJ’s Bingo and play to win. 100% of the people that don't play, will not WIN! Lucky Seven can be yours for just one dollar a line.  

Just imagine what you could do with that much money in your bank account, pay all your bills, pay off your mortgage, pay rent for 10 years, buy a boat, buy 8 cars, go on that dream vacation, or just save it for retirement, letting it earn you big bucks while it grows in the bank !  Remember, $214,445 is a life altering amount of money, how do you want to spend it?